Curating Space - Erki de Vries, Pieter Huybrechts, Kris Delacourt

Three performers conjure up three worlds that touch each other's boundaries and merge in a fascinating journey: A photographer, a musician and a scenographer manipulate the space surrounding the audience each in their own artistic language.

The spectator is confronted with a myriad of images, changing and changeable spaces, a rearranged reality. He/she moves through a city that gets constructed, that disintegrates and becomes abstract - an inward movement through a mental space, imploding to the here and now on stage.

Concept Erki De Vries - Pieter Huybrechts   Photography Pieter Huybrechts   Scenography Erki de Vries   Music Kris Delacourt   Dramaturgy Marnix Rummens  Software development Vincent Jacobs/Culture Crew   Production Erki De Vries - Pieter Huybrechts - Kris Delacourt, Platform 0090   Coproduction wpZimmer, Het Bos © Pieter Huybrechts

17, 18, 19, 20 March - 10u00 -> 20u00 -  installation - e m w a p FESTIVAL, SALT Beyoglu, Istanbul
19 March - 18u00 -  performance - e m w a p FESTIVAL, SALT Beyoglu, Istanbul